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October 2018 Newsletter


Hi Mums and Dads,

Hope your all having a lovely weekend, so as you all know the Hive is now in full swing albeit ever changing routines due to finding the best ways of managing the centre, another change this week will be change of entrance/exit we will now be using the Daisy chains door way as I feel this will be a better entrance/exit as the door way is visible from the inside of the building therefor making it safer.

This week we will be welcoming Sarah to our before and after school club as you know Sarah has worked at playdays since September last year but working reduced hours she will now be with us 8am – 6pm making it that all three of us are responsible for school pickups and drop off’s.

As we move into the winter season please can I reiterate playdays illness policy especially focusing in the winter vomiting bug, as per policy it must be 48 hours since last episode of vomiting/diarrhoea before children can return to the setting I can not stress how important this is to ensure that the spread of the bug is minimalised for both children and staff therefore avoiding setting closure causing inconvenience to everyone. Thank you for your cooperation on this policy.

Please see alongside this newsletter a questionnaire, if I could take five minutes of your time to fill in and email back it would be much appreciated. If you are doing this on mobile app you may need to copy and paste the text from the questionnaire back into a reply email, if you have problems please let me know as I do have paper copies too just this way is easier to get everyone’s feedback.

For children attending under the age of five with Baby days access please could I ask that you use the system to input any feedback regarding your child at home there are sections to add photos, home observations and leave messages all this information benefits your child as we can plan activities based on your child’s interests not only using their time with us but what they enjoy at home.

Just a reminder of upcoming holidays:
Close December 21st – re open January 7th

As ever if anyone has any queries about any of the above or would like to discuss any aspect of your childcare please do not hesitate to give me a ring.

Many Thanks


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